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Hot Shapers Belt

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Hot Shapers Belt in Pakistan

Warm Shapers Belt in Pakistan are ordinary fitness attire that have been intended. With Neotex clever fabric skill helps your frame to be narrow, and clever via developing middle temperature assisting your frame sweat and sweat extra whilst wearing them at some stage in day by day moves MegaPakistan warm Shapers Belt in Lahore. Hot Shaper Belt In Pakistan

How warm Shapers Belt paintings

Washing instructions

Wash hot Shapers Belt price in Pakistan after each use, especially after exercising or sports activities activities. Wash via hand in cold water with a soft purifier. overwhelm out and dry. Hot Shapers warm Belt in Karachi

Hand Wash 30°C

Line Dry / hang Dry hot Shapers Belt in Islamabad


Warm Shapers Belt 

DO no longer summersault dry, DO now not wring and DO now not Iron your hot Belt in Lahore Pakistan, warm Shapers Belt online in Pakistan All Pakistan domestic shipping unfastened

warm Shapers weight reduction Belt. Hot Shaper Belt In Pakistan

reachable in 1 layout

material: Neotex

Shading: Black

reachable Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL

Augments well-being schedules

Advances weight reduction by way of saving body warm and animating water misfortune amid workout

the superb neotex fabric expands frame temperature and ingests sweat so you’re constantly dry outwardly.

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