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Lichen Hair Color Shampoo

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Lichen Black hair Shampoo Online in Pakistan offers Lichen Black Hair Shampoo online in Pakistan that encourages you arrangement the grey hair issue. Lichen Black Hair Shampoo is 100% common plant-based hair color and nourishing cream, which makes hair dark in less than 10 minutes.
This Shampoo can fix your white hair problem, dandruff and fallen hair. It simply requires 10 to 15 minutes to have dark hair. This cleanser produced using blend of home grown. Simply Use 1 sachet u can have dark hair. Its mix cleanser and conditioner.
The Lichen Black hair Shampoo Online in Pakistan took the hair nutrition and health experts two years to developed it. Joined with different natural product gathering pith, amino corrosive, ZPT, collagen, and so on, it contains a kind spic and span recipe that quickly turn your hair dark. In the mean time it can disperse the resolute dandruff, supplement to the foundation of the hair and inadequately forestall hair losing.

Black hair Dye Shampoo Features:

It is a sort of cleanser which can color your hair into dark
In 5 minutes and extraordinarily intended to make your hair dark and sparkling,
Right through the common procedure of washing hair at washroom.
Black hair dye shampoo is non-poisonous with high innovation.
It additionally supports, ensures and repairs your scalp.
Contrasted with the conventional hair color, it is has the upside of minimal effort, efficient and comfort.

How to use black hair dye shampoo

5 Steps give you dark hair
Wet hair intensive.
Wear plastic gloves (give inside) before opening dark hair shading cleanser sachet.
Lichen black hair Shampoo Online in Pakistan that utilizes the whole sachet of black hair dye shampoo and apply on hair.
Backrub hair uniformly for 5-8 minutes until the point when the cleanser is equitably spread out on the hair.
Wash with warm water normally brunette accomplishment

Black Hair Dye Shampoo Advantages

Simple to utilize and efficient
We can convey the products on time.
Lichen Black Hair Shampoo online in Pakistan can give focused cost and great administration.
Logical equation without substance creation, along these lines won’t hurt the hair and won’t turn red or blur.


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