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BelleMa Electric Breast Pump

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BelleMa Electric Breast Pump in Pakistan

BelleMa Electric Breast Pump in Pakistan provides a chance to balance breastfeeding with work. It specially designs for a bigger, rounder, tighter, and firmer breasts. Working mothers can continue giving breast milk to their babies without compromising their careers.

Regular inspection, care, and cleaning are all that you simply will get to keep your breast pump running in its best condition. This pump is more important for those girls who have small, infirm, and loose breasts. It is useful for such girls. It is easy to use and clean.

Our website’s delivery is very faster than other websites. We deliver every product with a free coast delivery charge. You can buy this pump on the MegaPakistan.Pk website.

How To Use Breast Pump?

You may apply any lubricant (coconut oil or similar oil) around your skin which touches the rim of domes, this will eliminate the friction of boobs with rims and will make the exercise easy.
You may decide your session into two parts. For example. if your session is for 30 minutes, then apply suction for the first 15 minutes and release pressure and wait for 2 mins and then apply suction for the next 15 minutes.
This device is absolutely safe without any undesired effects.

Breast Pump Benefits:

Electric double pumps will be controlled independently, which suggests you’ll set different rates of milk be due to each breast.
Food-grade silicone cushion/pad makes repeated milk expression comfortable.
The backlit LCD allows you to ascertain the status of pumping and also makes it convenient to pump during already dark.
Highly Safe Closed System personal use breast pump
Petite and Dainty Portable Design
Designed for milk not to enter the tubes and the motor to avoid contamination

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  1. Henry

    This is Original Product With Best Results Thanks – MegaPakistan.PK

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