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Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel

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Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel in Pakistan

Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel in Pakistan Is a Specialist Skincare Product Formulated to Help Improve the Appearance of Scars, Stretch Marks and Uneven Skin Tone. Its Unique Formulation Is Also Highly Effective for Ageing and Dehydrated Skin. Our Breakthrough New Dry Skin Gel and Deeply Moisturises. The Unique Gel-to-oil Texture Absorbs Easily and Creates a Protective Film to Resist Moisture Loss and Restore Dry Skin to Its Optimal Hydrated State. With Just 3% Water.

This Highly Potent Formulation Blends Emollients Such as SHEA Butter and Humectants Like Glycerin and Urea, Along With Skin Soothing Ingredients Such as Vitamin B3 for an Exceptional Moisturising Result.

Benefits of Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel

Boosts Hydration
Nourishes and Moisturises.
Helps Protect Skins Moisture Barrier
Smoothes and Softens
Soothes and Calms


Dry Skin Gel Can Be Used All Over the Body, and Massaged in Small Circular Motions Until Almost Fully Absorbed. Apply a Small Amount to Dry Skin as Required. Use Less Than You Would Applying a Cream.

1- Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel 25 ML
2- Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel 50 ML
3- Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel 100 ML
4- Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel 200 ML

Bio Oil Dry Skin GelB

Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel is a skincare product that is designed to provide hydration and relieve dry skin. It is produced by Union-Swiss, a company known for its skincare products, including the original Bio-Oil.

Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel is formulated with a combination of skincare ingredients, including:

  1. PurCellin Oil: This ingredient is also found in the original Bio-Oil and is known for its ability to make the product feel lighter on the skin while retaining its moisturizing properties.
  2. Glycerin: Glycerin is a well-known humectant that attracts and retains moisture in the skin, helping to keep it hydrated.
  3. Urea: Urea is an effective moisturizing agent that helps to soften and smooth dry, rough skin.
  4. Shea Butter: Shea butter is a rich emollient that can help nourish and hydrate the skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple.
  5. Sunflower Seed Oil: Sunflower seed oil is high in fatty acids and can help to improve the skin’s moisture retention.

Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel is suitable for use on various areas of the body, including the face and body. It is intended for individuals with dry, dehydrated skin and can be particularly helpful for addressing dry patches, flakiness, and rough skin. It is often used to alleviate the effects of dry skin conditions such as eczema.

To use Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel, apply a small amount to the affected areas and massage it into the skin until fully absorbed. It is recommended for daily use, and results may vary depending on the individual’s skin type and condition.

As with any skincare product, it’s advisable to perform a patch test before using it extensively to ensure that you do not have any adverse reactions or allergies to the ingredients. If you have specific skin concerns or conditions, consider consulting with a dermatologist for personalized skincare recommendations.

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Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel
Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel
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