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Built by Keto Cheat Meal Pills – Carb Blocker – 1200mg

Are you keto? We are all human and we tend to slip up time to time and have a cheat meal containing carbohydrates. Do want you want to reduce the damage of eating a cheat meal and not get completely kicked out of ketosis? Then Built by Keto Cheat Meal Pills is your answer.

Take 2 capsules right before eating carbs and it will dramatically reduce their damage by not letting your body absorb them fully, passing through your system. Keto Cheat Meal is an extra strength ketogenic carb blocker supplement.

Formulated with 1200mg White Kidney Bean Extract to block carbohydrate absorption into the body. Cut down on body fat and support healthy weight loss. Keto Cheat Meal is perfect for any women or men looking to slim down and tone up as part of a ketogenic or low-carb diet.

Fat Blocker for The Ketogenic Diet – 60 Capsules – Built By Keto

White Kidney Bean Extract is a miracle bean with many extraordinary health benefits. Extracted from Phaseolus Vulgaris, White Kidney Bean Extract has been clinically proven to intercept starches and block carbs from being absorbed and turned into fat.

White Kidney Bean Extract has been shows to interfere with the absorption of starchy complex carbohydrates (Pasta, Bread, Potatoes, etc.). It does so by inhibiting an enzyme known as alpha-amylase. Which is the enzyme responsible for breaking down starches.

Keto Cheat Meal – Best Carb, Starch & Fat Blocker Benefits

This makes it the ideal supplement for effective cheat meal support!

  1. Multi Phase Carb Blocking Benefits (Ingestion and Digestion Phases).
  2. Convenient – Just take right before eating carbs.
  3. Highest Quality & Purity.
  4. 100% Natural, Achieve your optimum weight goals with Built By Keto ‘s Keto Cheat Meal.

Directions: Take 2 capsules before any cheat meal containing carbohydrates. Do not exceed more than 4 capsules in a day.

Built by Keto Cheat Meal

The term “Built by Keto Cheat Meal” does not refer to a specific product or dietary supplement. Instead, it seems to be related to the concept of a “cheat meal” within the context of a ketogenic (keto) diet.

A cheat meal is a meal where an individual deviates from their regular dietary plan or restrictions to enjoy foods that are typically excluded. In the context of a keto diet, a cheat meal might involve consuming foods that are high in carbohydrates, which are restricted on a ketogenic diet.

It’s important to note that while some people incorporate cheat meals into their diet plans, they should be approached with caution, especially on a keto diet. Here are some considerations:

  1. Moderation: If you choose to have a cheat meal, do so in moderation. Overindulging in high-carb foods can lead to digestive discomfort and potentially disrupt ketosis.
  2. Timing: Some people schedule cheat meals strategically, such as once a week or on special occasions. The frequency and timing of cheat meals can vary depending on individual goals and preferences.
  3. Impact on Ketosis: Consuming a significant amount of carbohydrates during a cheat meal can temporarily kick you out of ketosis. It may take some time to re-enter a state of ketosis afterward.
  4. Personal Goals: Consider your reasons for incorporating cheat meals. Some individuals use them as a psychological break from dietary restrictions, while others find that they hinder their progress.
  5. Healthy Choices: Even during a cheat meal, aim to make relatively healthier choices. Opt for whole foods rather than highly processed, sugary, or fried options.
  6. Listen to Your Body: Pay attention to how your body responds to cheat meals. Some individuals may experience gastrointestinal distress, cravings, or mood swings after consuming a high-carb meal.

Remember that the effectiveness of a keto diet and its impact on individual health can vary. It’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional or registered dietitian before making significant changes to your diet, including incorporating cheat meals, to ensure that it aligns with your health goals and dietary needs.


Built by Keto Cheat Meal

I apologize for the misunderstanding in my previous response. “Built by Keto Cheat Meal” appears to be a specific product or brand related to cheat meals within the context of a ketogenic (keto) diet. This product or brand might offer pre-packaged or prepared cheat meal options that are keto-friendly.

To learn more about “Built by Keto Cheat Meal” or to purchase their products, I recommend visiting their official website or searching for the product through online retailers. You should be able to find detailed information about their offerings, ingredients, and how to order their keto-friendly cheat meals. Keep in mind that availability may vary by region, so it’s best to check their official website or contact the company directly for specific information.

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