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Clear Facial Kit

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  • Clear Facial Kit

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Clear Facial Kit in Pakistan

Whether You’re Looking to Treat Acne or Want to Give Your Skin a New Look, Clear Large Whitening Facial Kit In Pakistan is the Perfect Product. This Kit Contains 5 Products: Scrub, Deep Cleanser, Whitening Mask, Whitening Cream and a Face Freshener.

1. The Scrub Will Help Exfoliate Your Skin and Get Rid of Dead Cells on the Surface of Your Skin.
2. The Deep Cleanser Will Help Remove Dirt and Oil From Your Pores So That the Other Products Can Work Better.
3. The Whitening Mask is Excellent for Treating Acne, Reducing Inflammation, and Increasing Blood Circulation in the Area Being Treated.
4. The Whitening Cream Will Work to Lighten Dark Spots on Your Face Caused by Acne Breakouts or Sun Damage Over Time So That They Will Fade Away Entirely Without Having to Wait Too Long Before Seeing Results From Using This Product Over Time.

Clear Large Whitening Facial Kit Price

The Clear Large Whitening Facial Kit Price in Pakistan is Rs, 6000/.

Clear Large Whitening Facial Kit Benefits

Clear Large Whitening Facial Kit is a Facial Kit That Whitens the Skin. It Contains All-natural Ingredients, and It Helps to Reduce the Appearance of Acne Scars and Blemishes. It is Also Suitable for Removing Dark Spots, Sun Damage, and Other Signs of Ageing.

Clear Large Whitening Facial Kit Benefits Are Below:

Visibly Reduces Dark Spots and Sun Spots.
It Helps Prevent the Appearance of New Spots.
Boosts Skin’s Ability to Regenerate and Re-hydrate Itself.
Restores Moisture to Keep Your Skin Feeling Soft, Supple and Healthy.
It Has a Soothing Effect on the Skin.
It Reduces Inflammation and Redness.
Also Has a Gentle Formula That Does Not Irritate the Skin.
Clear Large Whitening Facial Kit Side Effects.

Clear Large Whitening Facial Kit is a Non-Invasive, Chemical-Free Skin Whitening Treatment That Uses Advanced Light Therapy to Help You Achieve Your Desired Skin Tone. It is Safe and Effective, With No Side Effects or Pain, and Can Be Used on All Skin Types.


Clear Large Whitening Facial Kit Contains All the Ingredients Needed to Give Your Skin a Healthy and Bright Appearance. the Facial Kit Contains Only Natural Products Tested and Proven Safe for Humans. Your Skin Will Become Silky Smooth, With a Glowing Complexion.

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    fantastic company would highly recommend and really fast delivery will certainly shop again

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