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Invictus Tribulus Capsules


Brand Invictus Tribulus Capsules
Item Form Capsules
Quantity 90 Capsules
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Package 2x Rs 9500
Imported From USA

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Invictus Tribulus Capsules in Pakistan | Boost Libido, Endurance

Invictus Labs Invictus Tribulus Capsules in Pakistan. It’s scientifically formulated to extend Your Strength, Libido and athletic performance that you simply are looking for . Tribulus Terrestris is use’d to support fertility and rejuvenate the body. Recent studies indicate that, although it actually contains no hormones, Tribulus helps to support healthy hormone production and male reproductive health.

The “Secret Product” originally employed by Russian Olympic Powerlifters.

Natural Testosterone Booster Support for Men and Women | 90 Capsules

POWER & PERFORMANCE: If You’re trying to find a lift in Drive, Better Performance and Enhanced Endurance — Look No Further. Power, Pumps and Performance are just the start of what you’ll experience with this explosive herbal blend. It’s time to seize the day with NutraChamps Tribulus!

PREMIUM TRIBULUS FORMULA: Are you able to discover the facility of a premium and high potency tribulus supplement? NutraChamps’ revolutionary Tribulus formula delivers a very extra strength dose enhanced with Maca Root & Black Pepper Extract for better results than other “Maximum Strength” 1500mg tribulus products. The black pepper in NutraChamps’ scientifically designed formula allows your body to soak up more and knowledge the entire results you’re trying to find .

ROCK SOLID RESULTS: Designed to spice up performance within the gym, office, bedroom and beyond. With NutraChamps Tribulus, you’ll expect rock solid results… if you recognize what we mean. Perfect for the everyday athlete, Go-Getter, Powerlifter or hardworking dad, you’ll prepare for results you’ll be bragging about. prepare to perform better and play harder.

GET MORE & ACHIEVE MORE: NutraChamps’ formula was designed to deliver even more Tribulus and more results than leading brands. With over 1500 mg of pure Tribulus standardized to 45% Steroidal Saponins, NutraChamps’ breakthrough formula is geared to amp up your body’s energy levels so you’ll power through the day with a sense of vitality and confidence you’ve never had before.

The Huge List of Health Benefits Includes | Invictus Labs Tribulus Terrestris Supplement

All-natural Plant Ingredients; Tribulus provides a natural lift of energy to boost you above the strain and nervousness of your busy schedule.

Libido Enhancer; referred to as a libido tonic that’s capable of enhancing your sexual drive.

Increases Strength and Lean Muscle Mass; a strong plant extract that regulates your testosterone levels to accentuate your strength and endurance for extended workout sessions.

Blood Circulation; It promotes blood flow and converts the bad fat in your blood stream into usable energy to spice up your overall health.

Boost your Recovery; Tribulus extract helps you’ve got a more restorative sleep and help your body recover to face your daily activities.

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