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Levitra DA 500mg Tablets

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Levitra DA 500mg Tablets

Levitra DA 500mg Tablets use in aggregate with different medications to deal with partial seizures (brain sickness) without or with secondary generalization. Patients the use of this medicinal drug might also at times revel in. GI (stomach) upset, anorexia (loss of appetite), somnolence (feeling extremely sleepy or drowsy), accidental injuries, and asthenia (excessive bodily weak point and absence of power). If you revel in any of those signs and symptoms for a prolonged time period, please seek advice from your doctor.

Take this medicinal drug without or with food and stay hydrated.
Do not prevent taking this remedy suddenly, regularly decrease the dose, and then stop.
Contact prescriber if there may be a change in mental status, aggression, depression, exchange in memory, trade in gait, muscle cramps, weak point, tremors, uncommon bleeding, seizures, pores and skin rashes, or if there’s worsening of the circumstance.
At some point of remedy, patients should be watched for suicidal inclinations.

What Are the Uses of This Medicine?

This medication is used for treatment of Epilepsy (seizures).

How to Store This Medicine?

Please keep this medicine at room temperature (18-25 Celsius). Keep remedy faraway from immoderate light, moisture, and youngsters. Please do not flush drugs down the rest room. Please examine the leaflet supplied with the medicine for further garage steering.

What Is the Response Time of This Medicine?

This medication is swiftly and nearly completely absorbed after oral administration. It reduces seizure frequency by about 1/2 in 20% to forty% of absolutely everyone who take it.

Will This Medicine Make Me Suicidal?

Anti- epileptics increase the chance of suicidal thoughts, patients should be watched for worsening of melancholy and temper adjustments.

What Are the Overdose Symptoms of This Medicine?

Overdose symptoms may include extreme drowsiness, agitation, aggression, shallow breathing, weakness, or fainting.

What Should I Avoid While Taking This Medicine?

Consuming alcohol with this medicine can reason aspect results and may also growth the danger of seizures.

Warnings of Using Levitra

Cannot use during Pregnancy
Also can’t use in Lactation
Also can’t use while Driving
And also can’t use with Alcohol

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Levitra DA 500mg Tablets
Levitra DA 500mg Tablets
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