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MRM Women’s Probiotic Capsules


  • Women’s Probiotic 60 CAPS

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MRM Women’s Probiotic Capsules in Pakistan

Our MRM Women’s Probiotic Capsules provides an efficient dose of two beneficial microbial strains to support overall intestinal and immune health. Research indicates that our customized MICROBAC™ live transport system increases the stability and delivery of our probiotics 5-fold, leading to 3.5 billion cells providing a similar colonization and activity of 17.5 billion cells.

In addition we’ve added two components, D-mannose and cranberry extract, to reduce the binding of pathogenic bacteria and yeasts to the walls of the bladder. This composition has been well studied and is that the subject of a patent for its ability to support tract health.

MRM Women’s Probiotic 60 Vegan Capsules

Over the past decade, as our understating of the importance of the population of bacteria within the human digestive tract (our microbiome) to our health has increased, the requirement for probiotic supplementation has been firmly established. Aside from the direct benefits of probiotic supplementation on the effective function of the digestive processes.

It has also been shows that a healthy microbiome has positive effects on many other bodily processes in women. For example, it’s been shown that a healthy microbiome benefits urinary health, especially when combined with agents that may reduce the flexibility of pathogenic bacteria and yeasts to bind to urinary tissues.

Patented for Women’s Health

Supports urinary tract health
With pacran® cranberry extract and mannose
Supports intestinal and immune health
Clinically proven
Dietary supplement
Gluten free
Certified vegan
Proven to support urinary tract & vaginal health
MICROBAC™ ensures 5x probiotic activity
Shelf stable & patented formula

Suggested Use: Take 2 capsules per day or as directed by your qualified healthcare provider.

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