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Orthoherb Tablets


  • Orthoherb 60 TABS

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Orthoherb Tablets Price in Pakistan

Orthoherb Tablets Price in Pakistan is a Completely Unique Formula Containing 23 Herbs. Endured Use Will Arrest Bone Damage and Enhance Cartilages. The Uniquely Formulated Orthoherb Tablets is 100% Herbal and Offers Relief From Back Pain, Knee Ache and All Varieties of Inflammatory Joint Conditions. It’s Far Prescribed With the Aid of Ayurvedic Practitioners for Over 2 Decades and Consists of 23 Herbs Uniquely Formulated for Joint Pains.

Orthoherb Tablets Works by Means of Protective the Synovial Membrane From Inflammation and Damage, Decreasing the Swelling Because of Its Precise Anti Inflammatory and Diuretic Motion, Enhancing Fluid Production Accordingly Restoring the Synovial Fluid Stability and Consistency at Bone Joints.

Makes Use of:

100% Natural and Safe.
Unfastened From Steroids, Delivered Chemicals, and Heavy Metals.
No Mentioned Aspect Outcomes.
No Eating Regimen Regulations.
It Offers Remedy From Infection, Muscle Spasm and Controls All Inflammatory Joint Complaints.

Warning Signs:

Joint Pain
Cervical & Lumbar Spondylosis
Sciatica & All Styles of Inflammatory Joint Conditions
Orthoherb Pills

Orthoherb Tablets Ingredients

Eranda, Vasa, Vilvam, Sahacharam, Bala, Nimba, Dusparsha, Gunja, Pata, Maricham, Thwak, Jati Phalam, Lavangam, Amalaki, Manjishta, Nirgundi, Punarnava, Guggulu (Puified), Chithrakam, Katakah, Gokshurah, Shatavari, Pashanabheda.

A Way to Use Orthoherb Pills?

2 Capsules 2 Times Every Day After Meals or as Directed With the Aid of the Doctor.


A Few Ayurvedic Components May Not Often Purpose Hypersensitivity. Discontinue Use in Case of Such an Event.

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