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Super Viga 480000 Delay Spray

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Super Viga 480000 Delay Spray in Pakistan

Super Viga 480000 Delay Spray in Pakistan can help you enjoy a fulfilling sex with your partner comfortably. This being an extra power delay spray with Vitamin E, you can enjoy a prolonged coital time, as long as 10 times more than your usual time, and give her a mind blowing orgasm. Premature ejaculation can dent your self esteem and take away your happiness.

Your partner will also feel bitterly dissatisfied when you couldn’t last enough to give her an orgasm. But you change everything and enjoy a thorough sex using Super Viga 480000 Delay Spray. This delay spray is highly recommend for those men who couldn’t sustain their erection.

Viga Super 480000 Delay Spray 45ml – Long Time Delay Spray for Men

All it requires is to make few sprays over the tip of the penis and allow it to get absorb over the skin for 5 minutes. The spray is colorless and odorless that your girl friend will not feel that you had sprayed something over your organ during your oral time. Just have to use only recommend sprays and that is good enough to achieve prolonged coital time.

You can simply go on and on and on. You can try various positions and make her get exhausted in sheer pleasure.

BENEFITS & FEATURES: What is Super Viga Spray Use for?

Guaranteed results. You can enjoy prolonged coital time leading to greater sexual pleasure.
Skin friendly formulation ensures you both feel normal.
Super Viga 480000 is recommend for men suffering from premature ejaculation as they can definitely delay their ejaculation time and Enjoy a Fulfilling Sex.
Guaranteed enjoyment for your partner and she is sure to enjoy your prolonged indulgence.
The Super Viga 480000 indeed helps in avoiding breakups and divorces due to dissatisfaction in sexual life.

Long Duration
More Enhancement
More Pleasure
No side effect

USAGE: How to Use Viga Super 480000 Long Time Delay Spray?

Apply at half length of penis from front side included top. 10 minutes before intercourse. Do not touch hand just apply and leave for 10 minutes almost.

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1 review for Super Viga 480000 Delay Spray

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    Malik sb

    Super quality! Quick delivery. Ever so marvelous packaging. First-rate service. The item was outstanding. Swift to send. Remarkably pleased.

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Super Viga Delay Spray
Super Viga 480000 Delay Spray
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