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Vega Tablet 50mg

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Vega Tablet 50mg

Sildenafil Vega Tablet 50mg Is a Drug That Is Most Commonly Used and Know for the Treatment of Male Sexual Function Problems. The Active Ingredient in the Drug Is Sildenafil Citrate. It Is Generally Used to Increase Blood Flow to the Penis to Help a Man Get and Sustain His Erection to Enhance Sexual Activity. This Drug Does Not Protect the Users Against Sexually Transmitted Disease ( HIV, Hepatitis B, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis). In the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction, This Is Taken by Mouth and the Effects Can Be Seen and Felt Within an Hour of Intake. Do Not Consume More Than Once Daily.

How Long Is the Duration of Effect?

The Duration of the Effects of the Drug Lasts to About 4 Hours After Intake. It Should Not Cross the Five Hour Mark, if It Does One Should Consult a Doctor.

What Is the Onset of Action?

The Onset of Action Starts Within Thirty Minutes After the Intake, the Peak Performance Is Observed Within an Hour, for Safety the Drug Should at Least Be Taken Sixty Minutes Before the Start of the Sexual Activity. Taking Viagra Does Not Give You an Erection It Merely Increases the Blood Flow to the Penis.

Are There Any Pregnancy Warnings?

This Medication Is Not Prescribed to Women.

Is It Habit Forming?

The Drug Is Not Know to Show Habit Forming Tendencies and Is Generally Safe to Use.

Is It Safe With Alcohol?

It Is Not Recommend With Alcohol as It Interacts With the Drug and Causes Sever Side Effects as Mentioned Above. You Can Keep the Alcohol Intake to a Minimum or Avoid It if Possible.

Is It Safe to Drive While on This Medicine?

You Should Avoid Driving While Under This Medication, as Some of the Side Effects It Can Induce Is Dizziness, Headaches and Hypersensitivity to Light.

Does This Affect Kidney Function?

This Medication May Alter the Functioning of the Kidney and Is Not Recommended for People Who Suffer From Kidney Diseases and Other Renal Problems.

Does This Affect Liver Function?

This Medication Is Not Recommended for Patients Suffering Form Liver Diseases It Can Lead to Other Complications. Consult Your Doctor if You Have Any Queries.

Are There Any Missed Dose Instructions?

There Is No Fixed Dose as to How a Dose Has to Be Taken, the General Rule Is That One Should Not Take More Than One Tablet Per Day.

Are There Any Overdose Instructions?

If There Is a Case of Overdose and Symptoms Such as Trouble in Breathing or if the Person Has Fainted Then Consult Your Nearest Medical Emergency Room and Consult a Doctor.

Vega Tablet Uses in Urdu

The uses of Vega tablets in Urdu would depend on the specific type of Vega tablet you are referring to, as there are various medications and dietary supplements with similar-sounding names. To provide accurate information, I would need to know the exact name of the Vega tablet and its active ingredients or purpose.

If you have a specific Vega tablet in mind and would like information on its uses in Urdu, I recommend consulting the product packaging or the patient information leaflet that comes with the medication. These materials often provide detailed information about the medication’s uses, dosage, and precautions in multiple languages, including Urdu.

Additionally, you can seek guidance from a healthcare professional or pharmacist who can explain the uses and instructions for the specific Vega tablet you are interested in. They can provide you with accurate and tailored information based on your needs and medical history.

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