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Vega Tablet Uses in Urdu

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Vega Tablet Uses in Urdu

Vega 50 Mg Tablet Contains Sildenafil. It Is Better Known as the Blue Pill. It Is an Effective Medicine Used for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (Ed) in Men. Erectile Dysfunction Is a Condition Where a Man Is Unable to Achieve and/or Maintain an Erection Adequate for Sexual Intercourse. This Happens Because of Decreased Blood Flow Due to Physical Injuries and Certain Medical Conditions, or Due to Some Psychological Conditions Such as Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Etc. Vega Tablet Uses in Urdu…

Vega 50 Mg Tablet Relaxes the Blood Vessels and Helps in Increasing the Flow of Blood to the Penis. Some Side Effects of Vega 50 Mg Tablet Include Flushing (Redness and Feeling of Warmth), Headache, Stomach Upset, Dizziness, Blurred Vision, Etc. Usually, These Side Effects Get Resolved on Their Own. Consult Your Doctor if These Side Effects Worsen or Persist for a Long Time.

Vega 50 Mg Tablet

Vega 50 Mg Tablet Can Be Take With or Without Food, as Prescribe by Your Doctor. It Is Recommend That You Take the Tablet 30-60 Minutes Before Having Sex. However, You Can Also Take It Up to 4 Hours Prior to Sex. This Medicine Will Help You Get/Maintain the Erection Only if You Are Sexually Stimulate. Do Not Take Extra Pills for Quick Results. Vega 50 Mg Tablet Is Intend Only for Men. It Is Not Recommend for Use in Women and Children.

Vega 50 Mg Tablet Is Not Recommend for People With Heart and Kidney Problems, Avoid Taking This Tablet if You Have a Recent History of Stroke or Angina (Chest Pain and Discomfort). Avoid or Limit Drinking Alcohol During the Treatment as It Makes You Feel Dizzy. Do Not Drive or Operate Machines While You Are Under Treatment With Vega 50 Mg Tablet.

What Is It Prescribed for?

Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence Is a Condition Where a Man Is Unable to Achieve/Maintain an Erection Firm Enough for Sexual Intercourse. It Happens Due to a Decreased Blood Flow to the Penis. This May Be Due to Physical Problems Such as an Injury; Diseases Like Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (Prostate Gland Enlargement), Diabetes, Neuropathy (Nerve Pain), Prostate Cancer; and Psychological Causes Such as Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Etc.

Habits Such as Smoking, Drinking, Etc. Could Also Contribute to Ed.
Vega 50 Mg Tablet Is Use to Help Sustain an Erection by Increasing the Blood Flow to the Penis. While It Is Important to Treat the Underlying Cause of Ed. It Is Also Important to Undergo Counselling and Lifestyle Modifications Along With Treatment With This Medicine to Achieve the Best Possible Effect.

Dosage of Vega 50 Mg Tablet

Missed Dose
Vega 50 Mg Tablet Is Use as a Single Dose When Required, So the Chances of Missing a Dose Are Less.

Never Take More Than the Prescribed Dose. If You Have Intentionally or Accidentally Consumed More Than the Prescribed Amount of Vega 50 Mg Tablet. Then You Might Feel Severe Dizziness, Fainting, Painful/prolonged Erection. Contact Your Doctor Immediately for Further Guidance.

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Vega Tablet Uses in Urdu
Vega Tablet Uses in Urdu
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