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Vega Tablets Price in Karachi

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Vega Tablets Price in Karachi

Vega Tablets Price in Karachi Contains Sildenafil Citrate Pills, the Vega 100 Tablet Timing Same as Viagra, and Is Manufactured by Signature Pharmaceuticals in India Revatio. Hence, Vega 100mg Is Also Known as Generic Viagra. It Is Primarily Use for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (Ed). Which Is Also Called Impotence, in Men. Vega 100mg Is Usually Administer to Men Who Have Been Suffering From Impotency, and Regular Use of This Tablet Cures a Patient of the Cases of Erectile Malfunction of Any Kind.

Each Blue Film Coated Vega Tablet 100 Mg Contains Sildenafil Citrate, Which Helps in the Retention of the Energy While Performing the Sex Acts. It Enhances Constant Blood Flow in the Organ, So That the Penile Erection Lasts for a Longer Period of Time. It Bocks the Enzyme Named Phosphodiesterase in the Body. Due to Which, a Man Experiences Constant and Prolonged Period of Sexual Performance.

So, for Each Day and Each Time When the Tablet Is Consumes, It Energizes the Penis to the Fullest Extent. And You Can Buy Vega 100 Mg to Get the Desired Peak in Your Performance.

Vega 100mg Composition

Sildenafil Citrate
Vega 100mg Company Name
Signature Pharmaceutical Ltd.

Vega 100mg How to Work

Vega 100mg Tablet Is a Phosphodiesterase (Pde-5) Inhibitor. It Works by Increasing Blood Flow to the Penis by Relaxing the Muscles in Penile Blood Vessels.

What Is Vega 100mg in Pakistan

The Vega 100mg Tablet Timing Is Administer Orally to Treat Erectile Dysfunction and Impotency in Men. Vega Tablet in Pakistan Price Rs: 1999-/PKR. Vega 100 Blue Film Coated Diamond Shaped Tablets Packed in a Pocket. Size Strip Comes in 50mg, 100mg and 120mg of Sildenafil Citrate.

Vega 100mg How to Take

For Best Results, Take 1 Tablet of Vega100mg at Least 30 Minutes if Not One Hour Before the Planned Sexual Intercourse. Do Not Consume More Than 1 Tablet in a Day and Always Consult Your Doctor and Pharmacist Before Beginning the Course.

Always Check the Patient Information Leaflet Provided by Your Pharmacist With Your Supply. And Also Each Time You Order Refill, to Ensure That You Are Fully Aware About the Efficacy. And Various Contra Indications of Sildenafil Citrate. When in Doubt or in Need of Clarification, Consult Your Doctor or Pharmacist Before Taking Your Dose.

Mechanism Action of Vega 100mg

By Blocking a Certain Enzyme in the Body Named (Phosphodiesterase-pde5). As a Result, Sexual Arousal Results in Rock Hard, Prolonged Penile Erection for Peak Sexual Performance. The Compound Sildenafil in the Tablet Directs the Flow of Adequate Blood to Flow Into the Blood Vessels in the Penis. To Achieve Perfect Erection Each Time the Tablet Is Consumed.

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Vega Tablets Price in Karachi
Vega Tablets Price in Karachi
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