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Vivioptal Women Supplements


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Vivioptal Women Energizes Supplements – Vivioptal Women 30 Softgels

Vivioptal Women Energizes Supplements energizes you while strengthening your well being so you take care of everything else. Vivioptal’s exclusive individually sealed blister packs allow all essential nutrients to remain in peak condition until consumed.

Supports in combating stress and fatigue
Promotes protection against free radicals and oxidants
Aids in well-being and vitality
Immune System support
Aids in enhancing sexual activity

VITAMINS & MINERALS – Vivioptal Women Multivitamin/Multimineral German Formula

Vivioptal Active is a dynamic dietary supplement formulated to address the needs of high performance minds and bodies. Helping to improve the daily performance of demanding lifestyles. Vivioptal Active contains a wide range of vitamins, minerals, ginseng, fatty acids Omega-3 and antioxidants. To combat the effects of stress, fatigue and physical demands.

GERMAN FORMULA – Vivioptal Women Multivitamin imported

Vivioptal’s exclusive German formula is what makes it an excellent source of vitamins. From its development at Dr. Gerhard Mann’s laboratory in Berlin, to its Mexican debut. The formula became known all over the world for its quality, value and positive testimonials.

VIVIOPTAL BEFEFITS – Multivitamin & Multimineral 30 Supplement

»Boosts Immunity with Shiitake Mushroom
Boost the immune system with Shiitake Mushroom.
Contains CoQ10 & Omega 3.
Contains CoQ10 and Omega 3.

»Can be Consumed by Diabetic and Hypertensive (HBP) patients.
It can be taken by Diabetic and Hypertensive patients.

»Only One Capsule a day!
Take one capsule a day!

»For Women 35+ years.
Only for women 35+ years old.

»Exclusive German Formula.
100% original and Exclusive German formula.

»Comes in Our Unique Blister Pack to protext the capsule & retain its properties.
It comes in Blister packaging to protect the capsule & preserve its properties.

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