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C E Ferulic Serum


  • C E Ferulic Serum 30 ML

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C E Ferulic Serum in Pakistan

C E Ferulic Serum in Pakistan Helps Fight the Major Signs of Aging Such as Lines, Wrinkles and Sagging. Thanks to Its Antioxidant Formula With Vitamins C and E and Ferulic Acid. C E Ferulic Serum for Those With Sensitive Skin, Finding a Powerful Yet Delicate Serum Can Be a Challenge. CeraVe Has Formulated a Product That Is Both Gentle and Effective, Combining Hydrating Ceramides With Pure Vitamin C. Smaller Amounts of L-Ascorbic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid Brighten, Hydrate and Moisturize for Long-term Results.

Buy SkinCeuticals Prevent Ce Ferulic 30ml Online

SkinCeuticals Prevent C E Ferulic Is One of the Top Antioxidant Products From SkinCeuticals. That Is Suitable for Normal to Dry Skin. Ideal to Prevent and Repair All Signs of Aging. This Formula Combines a High Concentration of L-Ascorbic Acid With Ferulic Acid and Alpha-Tocopherol. To Boost the Skin’s Protection Against Sun Damage Up to 8x Greater Than Normal Skin. Ideal to Prevent Damages From Oxidative Stress. This Antioxidant Powerful Serum Should Be Used Everyday. To Boost Collagen Synthesis, Attenuate Wrinkles and Also for Fade Hyperpigmentation.


Texture: Serum
Skin Issues: Dehydration, Aging, Hyperpigmentation
Time of Application: Morning
Age: 20+
Skin Type: Dry and Normal Skin, Not Suitable for Sensitive Skin.
Main Benefits: Antioxidant Action, Boosts Collagen Production, Prevents Dark Spots.

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How Do You Apply C E Ferulic Serum?

First, Cleanse and Exfoliate Your Skin and Follow It Up With a Toner or Facial Mist. Next, Gently Apply a Small Amount of Serum to Your Face and Neck With Either Your Fingertips or Palms. Then, Wait 5 Minutes for Your Face Serum to Fully Absorb Into Your Skin.

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