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Deadly Shark 25000 Delay Spray

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Deadly Shark 25000 Delay Spray in Pakistan

Deadly Shark 25000 Delay Spray in Pakistan with Vitamin E. Is a special formulation mean to help men to extend their performance in bed. And give their lucky women experience multiple orgasms. As their coital time is extend as much as 10 times compare to their usual time.

The formulation, though powerful, is skin friendly. As it is enrich with Vitamin E. Couples can indulge in oral sex with spray on, and the woman may not find the difference. As the spray will get completely absorbed in the skin. The delay spray works like a milk anesthetic and allows men to perform on and on and on.

Deadly Shark Power 25000 Long Time Delay Spray For Men

The spray provides a calming effect and provides an unmatched sexual confidence. Prompting him to bang her for a longer time with sufficient intensity and passion. Couples can thoroughly enjoy their time in bed as they can enjoy various positions and she can experience multiple orgasms. You can give her pleasant exhaustion and see her moan in mesmerizing pleasure.

The product is a blessing in disguise for men with premature ejaculation issue. As they can enjoy a thoroughly satisfying sex with their partner. As their ejaculation is delay to a great extent.

How to Use Deadly Shark 25000 Delay Spray With Vitamin E?

Shake the container well before use.
For the first time, conduct a test spray on your arm or legs and leave it for 5 minutes. If you don’t get any allergic reaction, then you are ready to enjoy a fulfilling sex with your partner.
For best results, spray at least 5 minutes before your penetrative sex. The liquid gets absorbed onto the skin really quickly and allows men to retain erection for a longer time.
Spray 3-4 times to cover entire the head of your penis. Alternatively, you can spray the content over your hand and rub it over your penis with your hand.
Don’t over spray. Over spraying can become harmful.
After the completion of sex, wash your organ thoroughly with warm water or wipe it cleanly with a wet cloth. Also wash your hands.

What Are the Benefits of Using Deadly Shark 25000 Delay Spray With Vitamin E?

You can enjoy extended penetration time leading to Greater Sexual Pleasure.
Skin friendly formulation ensures comfortable for you and her
This delay spray is highly useful for men with premature ejaculation issue. They can definitely delay their ejaculation and enjoy a fulfilling sex.
Guaranteed enjoyment and you can give her a mind blowing orgasm.
Time tested product and proven results. The Super Viga 240000 has been helping several couples from break-ups and divorces due to dissatisfaction in sexual life.


Main Advantage: Guaranteed Increase Your Sexual Ejaculation Timing Upto 30 Minutes
Brand: Deadly Shark Power 25000
Made in: Germany
For: Men / Male
Size: 45ml
Special: With Vitamin E

Deadly Shark 14000 Delay Spray

“Deldly Shark 14000 Delay Spray” is a product designed to help delay ejaculation during sexual activity. These types of delay sprays are applied topically to the genital area and work by temporarily reducing sensitivity, which can extend the time it takes for a man to ejaculate.

Here are some key points to consider when using a delay spray like Deadly Shark 14000 or similar products:

  1. Follow Instructions: Always read and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer on how to use the spray. Applying too much or too little can affect its effectiveness.
  2. Safety and Allergies: Be aware of potential allergies or sensitivities to the ingredients in the delay spray. It’s a good idea to test a small amount on your skin before using it on your genital area to check for any adverse reactions.
  3. Consent: Ensure that both you and your partner are comfortable with the use of such products, and that its use is consensual.
  4. Effectiveness: The effectiveness of delay sprays can vary from person to person. What works for one individual may not work the same way for another.
  5. Use with Condoms: If you’re using a delay spray with a condom, make sure the spray is fully absorbed and dry before putting on the condom to prevent any reduction in condom effectiveness.
  6. Regulations and Availability: Be aware that product availability and regulations can vary by region and country. Ensure that you are obtaining the product from a reputable source and that it complies with any local regulations.

Please note that if you have concerns about premature ejaculation or sexual performance, it’s a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional. They can provide guidance and may recommend specific products or treatments based on your individual needs.

Always exercise caution when using such products, and if you have any concerns about your sexual health or the use of delay sprays, consider consulting a healthcare provider for personalized advice.

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2 reviews for Deadly Shark 25000 Delay Spray

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    Osama Bhatti

    This is Original Product With Best Results Thanks – MegaPakistan.PK

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    fast delivery … with tracking … products ok … recommended!

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